Prolactin and antiprolactics in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding chemicals, a strong fear is the onset of gynecomastia (an increase in the volume of the mammary gland in men), often caused by high levels of prolactin.
The main drugs used will be described in this article against hyperprolactinemia, with a brief description of this phenomenon. p>

The most famous drug on the market for a long time is bromocriptine . Bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist (which means it acts like dopamine in the brain, mainly activating dopamine D2 receptors). Its main application is for the treatment of high prolactin, Parkinson’s disease and acromegaly; in the 1980s, it was also used by bodybuilders to release GH. However, its metabolic effects are much higher than reported. Bromocriptine normalizes metabolism in genetically obese rats, and there are many good reasons to believe it will do the same in humans. Bromocriptine can be used during diet (to minimize negative adaptations), preserving muscle gains and may be beneficial for steroid users. It can also be useful for diabetes and may have prosexual effects, including hypersexuality, immediate recovery from ejaculation, and multiple orgasms. Unlock the brake brakes, improve self-esteem, relieve anxiety and depression, and avoid low testosterone levels due to high prolactin.
Major and very common side effects are severe nausea and lethargy. Bromocriptine has a half-life of about 12-14 hours.
Bromocriptine is the chemical name for the active substance and is sold under the trade name Parlodel .. “Parlodel is a registered trademark of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in the United States and other countries.

Another drug with a therapeutic use very similar to Parlodel is Dostinex.

Dostinex (active substance cabergoline buy As Parlodel is a dopamine agonist, dopamine is a chemical present in the brain that transmits nerve impulses and is involved in the production of adrenaline. Dostinex was invented primarily for the purpose of reducing prolactin in patients with pituitary tumors and other conditions with high prolactin levels that are enjoying great success. It is also able to restore testosterone levels and increase libido, improve energy loss and reduce fatigue.
In bodybuilding, the overall goal is to increase testosterone levels, which ultimately leads to increased muscle growth and size. By reducing the total amount of prolactin, the body is able to increase testosterone levels. Dostinex can also be used in combination with anabolic steroids and nutritional supplements without diminishing their benefits.
It is widely used by bodybuilders to combat prolactin and its related effects. Prolactin is a single-chain protein closely associated with growth hormone. It is secreted by lactotropic cells located in the anterior pituitary gland. In addition, prolactin is synthesized and secreted by many other cells in the body, such as immune cells in the brain, and in women it is secreted in the uterus during pregnancy.
Dostinex is used by athletes and bodybuilders to reduce prolactin levels from steroids with high progestogen activity, avoiding the side effects effects associated with hypoprolactinemia.
Overall, Dostinex can be considered a relatively safe drug, despite having a side effect profile that is not very different from many other similar drugs on the market, but in most cases the potential benefits are much higher. Side effects. Side effects that may occur during treatment include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nasal blockages.

The last drug we will discuss in this article is the next generation drug Jumex ( Selegilina ), mainly intended for the Treatment of Parkinson’s disease and for everyone therapies associated with an excess of prolactin is an irreversible inhibitor of MAO enzymes, therefore, it reduces dopamine reabsorption. The beneficial effects are very similar to Dostinex and Parlodel, but it has a very low incidence of side effects, which allowed it to be preferred in less severe cases, being among the three least potent drugs for hyperprolactinemia. It is highly regarded in bodybuilding. [/ caption]

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