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Basic information for the AAS cycle for women

It is important to remember that steroids affect muscle growth and are not suitable for fat loss. If your goal is to lose a few extra pounds and tone up, there are many other foods designed to help you lose weight and make changes to your diet that should be the starting point in every weight loss protocol.
Steroids should be considered after two years of training experience and your ideal weight will be achieved. This way, the benefits of steroid use will be pure muscle and the work done will not be wasted.

One of the best cycles for women beginners, which is very popular and appreciated, is represented by oxandrolone. It is one of the mildest AAS with very low androgenic activity. It is known to increase muscle strength and quality. All women who are afraid of the side effects of anabolic steroids should stick to this molecule. When using 5 mg per day, almost all women have no side effects. A typical cycle can be 6-8 weeks.

Primobolan is another drug that has a very “mild” effect on women, with the advantage that it does not convert to estrogen and does not increase water retention (if that could be a problem for a woman). Most women respond well to a dosage of 50-100 mg per week. The typical cycle time for Primobolan is 8-10 weeks. Some of the possible side effects that may occur when using Methenolon (Primobolan) online are oily skin and increased facial and body hair.
Primobolan will give a slow and steady increase in muscle strength and quality.

Winstrol can be taken orally or intravenously. It is not a starter product and the feedback received from women who have used it is very diverse. Because of its effects, there are women who love it and others who hate it. It is definitely not a beginner product.

This is a drug that can be used in defining cycles in conjunction with a good diet.
Winstrol builds mass and provides impressive strength gains. The side effects that can occur are much larger than the previous two aa we have treated, to which are added: hoarseness (may be the first sign of changes in the vocal cords), accompanied by clitoral hypertrophy and acne. Keeping doses low reduces the likelihood of unwanted side effects. Women usually take 5-10 mg per day if it is an oral compound, and it is wise to split doses throughout the day to keep blood levels constant. 25 mg for injection, repeat every 3-4 days. Perform this cycle for 8 weeks. Remember to take a hepatoprotective agent because this steroid is stressful for the liver.

Deca-Durabolin is a very popular steroid and for the female public, despite its low androgenic value, virilization can sometimes be expected. Keeping dosages low, monitoring and, if necessary, canceling the cycle will allow you to stop these side effects, which include excess hair, and in some cases, hair loss. Deca-Durabolin slowly builds muscle mass and allows you to gradually build strength and muscle. Women should start at 50 mg per week. The cycle should be 8 weeks maximum.

If virilization is not a problem and you want to use testosterone, my advice is to use testosterone propionate, which is capable of acting in and out of the body very quickly, so if you have side effects what you need to do to stop them and stop using them. Doses in the range of 25 to 50 mg are usually used every 5 to 7 days. This cycle should not exceed 8 weeks. The side effects of testosterone are the worst for women, including clitoral hypertrophy, thickening of the vocal cords leading to a change in tone of voice, oily skin, acne, and (not always the bad side) increased sex libido. It is important to always monitor the progress of the cycle.

Women do not need to recover from a steroid cycle once the cycle is over, just stop using it (this is a big advantage over men who do not have testicles). Side effects caused by the use of anabolic steroids are irreversible for women. Always check and listen to personal recommendations before choosing a drug for your cycle.

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