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Suma - Pfaffia Paniculata


Program of Dr. Alessandro Gelli
(medical post for doctors of the postgraduate specialized course in herbal medicine – natural substances)


Phyto-extracts, herbal medicines for improving the quality of life, helping to reduce stress and improve sports.
Improving psychophysical performance and quality of life: trends in the use of herbal products with adaptogenic action, stimulating the production of hormones, replacing and stimulating or relaxing herbal products acting on the central nervous system

The global effect of various herbal and sports drugs, in accordance with the traditions of countries originating from different plants, and according to various Western scientists, can be summarized as follows:
Natural tonic effect Effective assistance in implementation a synergistic strategy to “fight fatigue” and maintain psychophysical physical performance under stress can help find the “gap” in everyday life.
You may find indications as a useful adjuvant to improve loss performance, as well as in the sexual sphere as natural “invigorating”.

This can be useful for both a “tired” sedentary organism to help counteract the effects of overwork, as well as for amateur athletes for a “revitalizing” natural action and for various trace elements naturally found in plants. product with “anti-catabolic” action. On the basis of international bibliographies and some preliminary experience, also carried out in Italy, a useful function can be envisaged to help counteract even “normal” and physiological decline in vitality and energy. psychophysical findings are often confirmed by subjects around the age of forty.
In the hands of a physician, at higher and personalized dosages, the herbal product may be beneficial for users who exhibit mild ailments.
We recommend cycling When taking a used product, for example, after taking 3 packs, it may be advisable to take a break, for example, for 1 month (or the time indicated by the doctor) in order to get physiological optimization on the next cycle.

Concept of ADATTOGENIC Action

By adaptogen we mean a product or molecule that helps to restore balance in the body through its normal physiological actions, NO DIRECTIONS, such as calmness or the opposite of Excitement.
Some plants have this “adaptogenic” action, such as SUMA , RODIOLA ROSEA (titrated in rosavin), which helps endogenous natural phenomena to restore balance,
Other plants present in the product may instead perform targeted action to obtain the exact and desired result: for example, ginseng revitalizes, and an overdose of it can cause anxiety, hyperexcitation, etc. the embodied passion flower instead helps to relax: both represent the exact and opposite action; unlike RODIOLA ROSEA, they are not adaptogens.

Many synergies have been studied between many plants that synthesize or counteract different effects: the goal is to get on average an action that is so energizing and stimulating, but not unnerving. For example, a person suffering from “premature” may probably worsen their hyperspeed at high doses of a hypothetical product made only with muira puama, guarana, ginseng, etc., or only with pathogens; the same problem in the case of nervousness, tachycardia, anxiety tendencies.
The “Herbal Philosophy” presented here could generalize the concept of the ancient motto “calm is the virtue of the strong.” It is important that strength and strength are under conscious control a subject who can take advantage of the extra push, but controlled and at the right time, at any time of daily life.
This also applies to the use of macho in sports, counteract stress fatigue or increase the desired energy.


(plants from all over the world for targeted and synergistic natural action at
low and ideal dosage of a single plant for safe and action
to avoid side effects).

Currently, in the light of recent international discoveries, including chemical ones that have revealed a large wall of molecules present in the most used plants, plants from all over the world, known and empirically tested for centuries or millennia, should be used for these goals. physiological and natural growth of psychophysiological indicators.
Plants from China, Japan, Andes, South America, Europe, Brazil, India and more have been incorporated into this innovative herbal medicine concept for a global “natural anti-stress” effect and for an increase in “360 ° thrill and energy” that reduces such as stress due to hectic daily life.

The dosage of an individual plant used in this “system” is, according to the available bibliography, safe from side effects; in fact, it is not an individual set of all plants that determine the effect of RE-INVIGORENT on health safety, in the same way as it happens for a normal balanced diet: low doses of very numerous substances “balanced together” with health safety; however, in high doses, some clinical studies have shown various very beneficial health effects, even if specific pathologies are already being observed.
However, the new herbal medicine system was conceived for healthy people in search. greater strength and psychophysiological scope at different levels, at the limit with small “borderline” disorders, and not for subjects with serious pathologies.


The basic concepts of “classical-traditional-empirical” herbal medicine and modern plant products with “scientific criteria”: a combination of ancient practical experience with SCIENTIFIC, chemical and pharmacological research, modern today.
The study of the empirical experience of many centuries, and in some cases even millennia, of different peoples has shown an amazing knowledge of numerous plants that have medicinal and beneficial effects. As stated above, there are plants around the world with numerous beneficial actions to restore swing and vigor, or even increase numerous performances; however, for us Western physicians, a few years ago, knowledge of pharmaceutical botany, herbal medicine, pharmacognosy and pharmacology of active ingredients contained in plants was mainly addressed to traditional Chinese medicine and Indian medicine (Ayurveda).
More details many plants from other fields planets Earth have also been recently studied and analyzed, in addition to the usual “Indian” and “Chinese”, such as the Amazonian.
Expanding horizons have allowed Vanguard researchers to study and develop “global formulations” with results that surpass that that can be obtained using only a few plants from one place on our planet.
The first step towards a plant product of the latest generation is not only to deliberately attract synergistic plants from all over our planet to obtain the desired results even at low dosages of individual active ingredients, as well as for making these and innovative products that are more “scientific” and reproducible.


The content of active ingredients (p.a.) in the same plant varies enormously; just give a few examples, the number of p.a. varies depending on the period of the year, depending on the land, depending on the time of harvest, as well as on the condition and method of conservation; hence the need to “standardize” the content of p.a. each batch is produced so that you know the potential dosage.


It is not difficult that the content of the active ingredients is not reported in the “cut plant” batch; without this fundamental data it is IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW HOW MANY PLANTS TO USE: there may be too many or too few of them.
Quantitative level p.a. established by special analysis, these quantities must also be combined with other “purities” to establish any pollutants and pollution, mold, etc.
While respecting the ancient experience and testimonies of people where the plants of our interest originate, they do not we may also lose sight of the empiricism that prevented the most appropriate dosage from being established, since the plants and their extracts were certainly not standardized; Certainly, some oriental masters understood the concept of standardization, compensating for modern scientific equipment with numerous ritual habits, thus trying not to get too many qualitative and quantitative differences.
However, only a colder vintage is narrower or warmer, more or less rainy, etc. It is already possible to change the levels of various p.p. ; From what has been explained, we understand the fundamental importance of the scientific structure behind existing plants and plant products, since each package contains an amount of RA. comparable to others, both in terms of safety against contamination by contaminants, mold, etc.


Science has recently made it possible to identify numerous molecules present in many plants, further understanding how to use these plants for medicinal and / or therapeutic purposes.
Knowledge of the various active ingredients and their physiological actions (although some plants are still in stage of study), then he allowed to create VEGETABLE EXTRACTS: A SPECIAL CONCENTRATION OF ACTIVE PRINCIPLES OF INTEREST IN THE USA.
Powder extract is defined as “dry extract” and is taken in its entirety; if a non-concentrated plant is swallowed, it repeats again, it is not difficult to witness the phenomena of the gastrointestinal tract.
Standardized dry extract, chemically controlled by contaminants, etc., can be seen as an improvement that science has achieved compared to the use of completely non-standardized and potentially contaminated , poorly preserved plants, etc.; in fact, plants are living things and as such are subject to decomposition; Here is another advantage of standardized phytoextracts obtained from “fresh” undecomposed rotten plants, in the full sense of safety to protect the health of the consumer.


The ancients, as already mentioned, using the numerous plants we study today gave us possible indications for the use of these particular plants, but without standardization, they could not give us very useful information on dosages. ; in fact, in addition to varying sensitivity and individual response, the plant dose cannot be calculated when pp. they can also be double or triple, which were used a year earlier. Clinical studies using either whole plants, plant parts, or a standardized extract as needed have begun scientific work to identify the most common average dosages for humans.

Dosage is fundamental.
In 2001, a very important International Congress was held in Rome (November 30 – December 1-2), which basically summed up the situation on the above issues.
“EURO-CHINESE TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE : A COMPARISON OF TWO CULTURES ”The Congress made a“ text ”both to increase the number of speakers from all over the world, and for the high patronage of the“ President of the Italian Republic ”under the patronage of the European Parliament-Office of Italy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (this event was held at the SACITAR ACADEMY).
Our messages have been exposed to numerous scientists and government officials and previously selected by the International Scientific Committee. At this Congress, problems arose from different points of view of our Chinese colleagues and ours, problems that are even more likely noted in relation to herbal medicines, the reason for their traditional therapeutic use is an empirical method, with little clinical data. On several occasions, as Western speakers, we have expressed the need for clinical trials “needing numbers” for the application of therapeutic protocols.
A colleague, Professor Giuseppe Salvatore (Higher Institute of Health), has well explained how the transition from “healthy” to “therapeutic” for some herbal medicines is a matter of dose and therefore quantity of PA. This topic was again brought up at the national congress “Master of Continuing Education in Natural Integration, Herbal Medicine and Vitology to Improve Psychophysical Performance” (Accademia SASanitaria May 5, 2002), both by Professor Salvatore and by other university professors and by the organizer, Dr. Alessandro Gelli, speaker and promoter of this scientific activity.
Even vitamins for healthy doses switch to “therapeutic” ones, increasing the dose itself. (XVI International Congress of Vitamins, Rome, May 18, 2002: Vitamins for the nervous system – “the protective role of antioxidant vitamins and B vitamins for the nervous system”, lecture by Prof. Pregnancy and Dr. Alessandro Gelli). It is therefore clear that knowing the amount of active ingredients is fundamental to determining a healthy and therapeutic dosage; without standardized extracts, it is impossible to know the amount of plant components present in plants, or extracts not processed by the scientific procedures mentioned here; For these reasons, we do not recommend using herbal products with non-standardized and declared active ingredients and with relative purity certificates, which may be requested by gentlemen doctors to protect their users and health, as many colleagues use herbal products themselves.

Composite wording: justification and motives

Individual sensitivity to different plants is very subjective, it is possible that the low dosage of the extract is not sufficient to obtain satisfactory results for a particular subject, who, however, may be very sensitive to another plant (such as a standardized phytoextract). pleasant and desirable physiological result: this is one of the reasons for the innovative composition that complements those already mentioned above.

Basic phytoextracts and active ingredients

Among the main plants, such as standardized extracts, the most widely known are guarana, dioscorea, ginseng, but many others are contained in this innovative formulation, less known to doctors who do not specialize in herbal products, such as, for example, PANNICULATED PFAFFIA. , LEPIDIUM MEYENI-MACA, URTICA DIOICA, POLIPODIUM-SAMBAIA, MARACUJA, TURNERA APHRODISIACA, LA MUIRA PUAMA, etc.
To simplify the understanding of the main phytoextracts, we bring some bibliographic references recent clinical work of linguists to the further study of colleagues from colleagues from
At the end of this work, a more extensive and extensive bibliography is reported, divided by each specific plant to facilitate consultation, additional information is provided through specific and recent studies. clinical, obtained from the global bibliography above, consisting of scientific research and available texts from the past decades.

tribulus terrestris Tribulus terrestris, also from some observational studies by the author, can be considered an adaptogen optimizer; in fact, some studies done on well-trained and non-“overtrained” athletes have emphasized that they have not found any differences in body weight or strength: a possible explanation the researchers would likely arrive at would be more plant-specific. natural sector, based on the fact that if the subject is already optimized, Tribulus Terrestris cannot promote body growth or strength further, it will be doping! on the contrary, in emaciated and stressed subjects, Tribulus Terrestris acts as a revitalizing agent, also helping to increase libido and vitality, which are diminished in chronic stress.
The above concept is fundamental as it makes it clear that when the body is already maximally optimized and in excellent form (a rather rare condition nowadays, given the daily stress and constant worries we are exposed to), substances such as protodioscin and other tribules cannot affect physiology, unlike stimulants (also natural ones, like the above). the usual dosage of coffee for some subjects) or anabolic steroids for unnatural and unnatural stimulation of protein synthesis, etc. Therefore, adaptogens are “optimizers of nature” and its physiological mechanisms that regulate homeostasis without surgery, violence against the delicate enzymatic and biochemical systems of the body. p>

Dioscorea Antioxidant activity of Dioscorea and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in the elderly “.
This study was conducted to determine if dioscorea supplementation could increase serum dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) levels in humans and modulate lipid levels in the elderly. Three weeks of dioscorea supplementation does not affect DHEAS levels.
However, DHEA 85 mg / day increases serum DHEA levels by 100.3%. DHEA and Dioscorea significantly reduce lipid peroxidation, lower triglyceride levels, and raise HDL. Thus, both DHEA and steroids isolated from Dioscorea are largely antioxidants, as well as active modulators such as lipid structure.
This clinical study summarizes data taken from other bibliographic sources.

« Two new steroidal saponins from Dioscorea panthaica rhizomes and their cytotoxic activity “.
Two new steroidal saponins, Dioscorezides C and D, and pregnadienolone-3-O- were isolated from Dioscorea beta-gracillimatosis, pregnadienolone-3-O-beta-chacotrioside and pseudoprotodiosinocin.
These components exhibit moderate cytotoxicity against tumor cell lines in a dose-dependent manner.

gingseng Free radical scavenging activity of aqueous extracts of red ginseng “.
Ginseng extracts neutralize (sweep away) 40% of hydroxyl radicals at a concentration of 0 , 1 mg / ml. 2 mg / ml of ginseng extract completely neutralizes superoxide radicals. Ginseng does not neutralize NO.

« Epidemiological study on cancer prevention with ginseng: can ginseng prevent all types of cancer?
J Korean Med Sci (Korea 2001 Dec); 16 Suppl: S19-27 (ISSN: 1011-8934)

Red ginseng supplementation appears to reduce the occurrence of tumors in subjects at risk during the follow-up period in a non-organ-specific manner.

Effect of ginseng supplementation on supramaximal exercise performance and short-term recovery “.
J Strength Cond Res 2001 Aug; 15 (3): 290-5 (ISSN: 1064-8011)

Long-term administration of ginseng (compared to placebo) does not provide ergonomic benefits (stress test) during prolonged physical activity.

« American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) reduces postprandial glycemia over time, but not dose in healthy people people “.

American ginseng lowers postprandial blood glucose in non-diabetic subjects in a time-dependent and dose-independent manner: the effect only occurs when ginseng is administered 40 minutes before meals.


»GINSENG can find indications for improving physical and
mental and sexual qualities. »
These publications continue to highlight the importance of standardization for correct dosage and various individual reactions, as well as overdose symptoms (nervousness, insomnia, hyperexcitability) more easily achievable if the amount of active ingredient is not known.
Contains different types vitamins, including which vit. “B6” and zinc, in addition to “ginsenoids”.

Mucuna-pruriens Effect of Mucuna pruriens extract on the activation of prothrombin Echis carinatus
venom “.
J Ethnopharmacol 2001 May; 75 (2-3): 175-80 (ISSN: 0378-8741)
Guerranti P; Aguiyi JC; Errico E; Pagani R; Marinello E; Institute of Biochemistry and Enzymology, University of Siena, Via A. Moro, 53100, Siena, Italy.

An increase in clotting activity has been shown.

Naringina Hypocholesterolemic effect of naringin and rutin flavonoids ” [Efeito hipolipidemico dos flavonoides naringina and rutina.]
Arch Latinoam Nutr 2001 Sep; 51 (3): 258-64 (ISSN: 0004-0622)
da Silva RR; de Oliveira TT; Nagem T.J .; Pinto AS; Albino L.F.; de Almeida M.R.; de Moraes G.H .; Pinto JG; Federal University of Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Naringin significantly lowers total cholesterol levels; LDL, VLDL and triglycerides without lowering HDL.

Embodied Passionflower
Passiflora-incarnata Anxiety Studies Using Passiflora incarnata Linneaus Extracts “.
J. Ethnopharmacol 2001 Dec; 78 (2-3): 165-70 (ISSN: 0378-8741)
Dhavan K; Pharmacognosy Kumar Division, S; University Institute of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences, Punjab University, 160014, Chandigarh, India.

Passionflower in the treatment of generalized anxiety: a pilot, double-blind, randomized, controlled trial with oxazepam.
J Clin Pharm Ther 2001 Oct; 26 (5): 363-7 (ISSN: 0269-4727)
Akhondzade S; Naghavi XP; Vaziryan M; Sheiganpur A; Rashidi N; Hani M; Rosebeh Psychiatric Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, South Kargar Avenue, Tehran, Iran.

Passionflower has a relaxing effect at healthy dosages.

saw-palmetto Analytical accuracy and reliability of conventional dietary supplements for prostate disease ” [Submitted by the publisher]
J Urol 2002 Jul; 168 (1): 150-154 (ISSN: 0022-5347)
Feifer AH; Fleshner N.E .; Klotz L; Department of Surgery, Department of Urology, Toronto, Sunnybrook, Regional Cancer Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Effects of Palm Finger Herbal Blend in Men with Symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia “.
J Urol 2000 May; 163 (5): 1451-6 (ISSN: 0022-5347)
Marks LS; Partin AW; Epstein JI; Tyler V.E .; Simon I; Macairan ML; Chan T.L .; Dory FJ; Harris JB; Veltri RW; Santos PB; Stonebrook K.A. de Kernion, JB Department of Urology, University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

There is a decrease in symptoms and a decrease in the epithelium of the prostate gland, especially in the transition region. Toothed saw palmetto appears to have an effective ability to counteract prostatic hypertrophy and reduce excessive DHT production, which is also a cause of some types of baldness.

muira-puama From: “ a global summary of muira puama references as specified in the spec
bibliography at the end of this work “And from:” possible herbal medicine associated with treatment
Troubles de la Sexitè [Universities Ghezi C. les dossier, Montpellier, 1989] and from: “ New Sexual Therapy “, [Kaplan H. New York, Bruner Mazel, 1971] .

Muira puama seems to contain an alkaloid, not very similar to yohimbine, with a specific vasodilating effect, for which it traditionally has signs of increased sexual and psychophysical activity.
It may be useful against fatigue, l asthenia in general, including those with mild complications, erectile abilities that can be optimized with muira puama


Yohimbine seems to be less effective than MUIRA PUAMA for enhancing erectile ability; it looks like muira puama, besides being more effective, also has fewer side effects than YOHIMBINA.

Suma - Pfaffia Paniculata Probably one of the most effective stress relieving herbs, beneficial for all sports, including natural bodybuilding and fitness, and for enhancing psychological performance. physical and sexual aspects (dysfunction, infertility and even improvement of symptoms of menopause in women).
From the discrete bibliography (see bibliographic section), which is certainly quite rich in comparison with other plants, it can be concluded that it can be useful in in the case of an imbalance in blood pressure, in the case of a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system, it also seems to show -inflammatory. “Contains many beneficial substances such as sterol and stigmaserol, numerous vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5 E, K) and minerals (zinc, magnesium, cobalt, iron).
It also contains beta-ecdysone, which appears to be useful for promoting natural muscle anabolism and reducing excess obesity.

The researchers who published these studies are diverse, including SIMAKIN B.G. FADEEV and V. SMETANIN, PUBLISHED IN RELATION TO “ scientific sports bulletin “, in “ Scientific Research Institute of Natural Sports ” and a report for “ Natural Sports Institute “>. “(Simakin” The combined use of ecdisten and the product “vigor” during training in cyclic types of sports and scientific sports “Bulletin No. 2, 1988)
(Fadeev” comments on the results of the study of ratibol in sports practice training “- Institute of Natural Species sports “.

The readings are so 360 ° that it may seem like a “panacea” created by nature for humans. Suma belongs to the category “ADAPTOGENS” and “Regenerating tonics”.

Possible associations of synergy with herbal products of the “new herbal medicine” with other natural substances

The doctor, depending on the specific problem of the user, can recommend associations of products for additional and even more effective actions without entering the ethical pharmacological sector.
The basis, however, is good nutrition, preferably a “renewed” Mediterranean type (i.e. eat with a more balanced distribution of various nutrients, without an excessive imbalance, for example, with respect to carbohydrates; it is not difficult to meet users with the wrong habits, even the Food type reduces the protein fraction only to 10%, on the contrary, other users are used to taking, for example, 50-60% of proteins from the total distribution of calories). an analysis of the goals to be achieved.
Overall, we report some very brief and significant hints of potentially combinable nutritional supplements based on a specific goal; THERE IS NO NOTE ABOUT THE DOSAGE RELATED TO THEIR VARIABLE, ACCORDING TO THE MORPHOLOGICAL BIO-TYPE, GENERAL STATE OF AGE, WEIGHT, ETC. The dosage is the responsibility of the physician, who, after practical experience, after carrying out a theoretical one, should know how to determine the best dosage for the user.

The associations listed below are the result of the author’s personal experience, however, supported by a specific scientific bibliography, and have no prescriptive meaning, but only informative for medical colleagues or pharmacists.
Physician, at your discretion, Some general instructions can be made perhaps combine an herbal product with some of the molecules listed below to optimize the results for a particular user.

  • APATHY-PHYSICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL HERITAGE : acetyl-L-pictures, creatine, ribose, antioxidant and B vitamins, L-carnitine.
  • REDUCING SEXUAL EFFICIENCY ASSOCIATED WITH CHRONIC STRESS : BCAAs, phosphatidylserine, the above molecules, protein powder supplements of excellent quality and purity in case of dietary protein deficiency, combining the amino acids L-arginine, magnesium possibly an additional dose of Tribulus Terrestris.
  • SPORTS PET : mixtures of carbohydrates with different glycemic index to maintain constant energy, the above molecules if necessary, L-glutamine, a mixture of glucogenic amino acids to counteract muscle breakdown.
    The type of association varies significantly in the distribution of weight between different supplements depending on the sport, that is, whether it depends on endurance (soccer, marathon, etc.) or on the development of muscle mass (bodybuilding, fitness, etc.). ).
  • To counter the increase in obesity when overweight : In addition to a more balanced diet, the phytoextracts mentioned above may be linked to other herbal and dietary products containing, for example, CITRUS AURANTIUM, GARCINIA CAMBOGIA, LIPOCUTIC ACID, GUARANA , KOMIFORA MUKUL, etc.

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