Physical responses to anabolic steroids

Have you ever noticed the DIFFERENCE OF A SEPARATE RESPONSE TO ANABOLIZERS? Obviously yes. This becomes especially problematic when it comes to reducing response. Faced with this problem, there are those who simply shrug their shoulders, decisively declaring that “we are all different” … Good discovery! But if you don’t add to that the definition of the characteristics and causes of diversity, as well as the consequences and remedies … well, then this is simply abandoning the role of coach, or even just the role of the trained athlete, in a technical sense: this applies not only to the chemical aspect, and for any other drug profile.

With that said, let’s take a quick look at what are the “negative” abnormalities in response to anabolic steroids (and therefore everything goes under the acronyms AAS, DS, PH), causes and remedies.

1 . The athlete swells like a frog-dehydrated frog jumping into a pond, even if it hasn’t touched the usual “famous” corresponding aromatization (testosterone, d-bol). Three possible causes and the same amount of drugs:

  • Just don’t read the HDP PREPARATIONS carefully and you are confronted with a small “famous” flavor (eg Bolasterone, Trestolone, Norbetolone, etc.); here you just need to adjust the dose of antiestrogens, and aromatase inhibitors are especially effective;
  • Instead it is an anabolic with estrogenic characteristics (e.g. androstenediol, methanrostenediol, oxandrolone), here taking aromatase inhibitors is obviously completely useless, whereas estrogen agonist antagonists may help, or at least in part because these specific anabolic molecules usually interact agonistically with estrogen receptors, but not only: they can also transmit an estrogen signal also by binding to androgen receptors (inverse agonism, not oxymetholone, which is deprived of affinity) AR);
  • You are faced with a compound that enzymatically treats water; for example, dydroboldenone (delta-1 – testosterone) and methyldehydroboldone (M1T) inhibit the enzyme 11-beta-hydroxylase, causing little water retention; a diuretic (azz hazard) or modify the product … or keep it until it becomes a chronic factor, with long-term negative effects on blood pressure and kidney health;
  • Estrogenic rebound to balance abnormally high androgenic blood levels, more common in women but also unknown in men, remedy: use low androgenic anabolic agents and / or use aromatase inhibitors;
  • The subject is especially endowed with PR and therefore hypersensitive to the progestogenic effects of the drug: elimination of nandrolone and most of its derivatives (e.g. THG and methoxygonadiene exhibit minor progestogenic effects);

2. Androgenic effects are out of proportion to the characteristics of the cycle, possible causes:

  • High activity of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, in the case of testosterone and some other means: change the molecules, choosing a reduced 5-alpha or, in any case, 5-non-reducible alpha (for example, tren), which also useful for rebuilding nord-dxt, since normally nord-dxt is less androgenic than nor-19.
  • High presence of androgen receptors in unwanted targets, remedies: shift towards emo androgens, especially if they are not very similar to androgen receptors (eg oxandrolone). Choose Osstarin for food, associate with ANDARINA (with some risk), but only effective under certain conditions

3. The most painful option for those who decided to take the path of biochemical integration: the reaction to classical cycles is much lower than that of the standard. Three possible reasons:

  • Complex transcription of a message transmitted to the receptor at the target site (muscle cell) via messenger RNA, which transmits a muted signal to the cell nucleus. Typical characteristics of older people, but not only (especially common among the Asian population). Remedies: sports changes and selection of particularly effective mgXmg anabolic agents (eg, metribolone, THG, trestolone, epistan, dienolone, bolsterone, ostarine, if low dosage is not a problem);
  • Hyperactivity of the enzyme 3-alpha-dehydrogenase steroidogenase, which makes the receptor connection unstable, especially (but not only) androgen at the muscle level; remedies: I. move strictly towards anabolic steroids with unsaturation in C4-C5 and / or with modifications that stabilize the keto group in C-3 (important for the stability of the androgen receptor bond); II. increasing the dosage (very dangerous, since the receptor connection does not always affect the parties, as, for example, in the case of liver toxicity;
  • Prevalence of type I and IIa fibers, worse at androgen receptors. Remedy: Workout to convert fibers IIa to IIb and I to IIb.

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