S-4 (Andarina)

Andarina s-4 As an experimental chemical, S-4 belongs to a class of chemicals known as SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators (such as ostarine). As androgens, SARMS bind to androgen receptors, but selectively create the activity of binding receptors with specific androgen receptors (musculoskeletal tissue), and not with others (prostate, hair follicles, etc.), hence their name.

Compared to testosterone and other prohormones and anabolic steroids, the advantage of SARMs like S-4 is that it has no androgenic activity in non-musculoskeletal tissues. S4 was developed to treat conditions such as muscle atrophy, osteoporosis and benign prostatic hypertrophy, using the non-steroidal androgenic antagonist bicalutamide as a targeting compound.

As an orally active partial androgen receptor agonist, S-4 is effective not only for maintaining lean body mass (LBM) but also for increasing muscle tissue.

How does it work?
Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) bind to the androgen receptor for anabolic activity at the bone and muscle levels.
A molecule by binding to the target androgen activates it, altering gene expression and increasing protein synthesis, thereby building new muscles. Thus, SARMs like S4 induce muscle growth in the same way as steroids, but unlike testosterone and other anabolic and prohormonic steroids, SARMs (as non-steroidal agents) have no effect on the growth of the prostate and other secondary reproductive organs. SARMs represent not only a new option for the potential treatment of a wide range of diseases, such as diseases that cause muscle wasting (age-related or AIDS and cancer related), but also have tremendous muscle-building potential for bodybuilders, fitness and athletes.
S-4 specifically binds to the androgen receptor in muscle and bone at about a third of the affinity of testosterone.

S-4’s obvious abilities?
S-4 (3 mg / kg / day) was also able to restore skeletal muscle (ie, soleus) and strength in castrated rats; an important and applicable finding for the treatment of muscle wasting in men.
120-day study compared SARM S-4 and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in treatment in oophorectomized rats, showing that S-4 was able to maintain bone mass and endurance at normal levels. control levels, showing greater efficacy than DHT.
S-4 also demonstrated the ability to improve skeletal tissue, muscle strength, increase lean body mass (LBM), reduce body fat, and prevent bone loss.

S-4 available for sale?
Yes. S-4 has been on the market for a long time.
GTx is not doing any other clinical research with S4, so they have no reason to defend its composition. S-4 has been available to researchers since 2008, and many use cases have been reported online. In fact, tests for S-4 exist mainly on Jamaican athletes who tested positive for this molecule.

Using S-4
Fat loss (cutting)
The cutting phase is the time when the S-4 really shines.
Some steroids are considered ideal for the “cutting” phase such as Winstrol and Anavar. These steroids do not produce much muscle gain, but they are very effective during this particular training period. SARM S-4 has very similar properties. The presence of androgen receptors in human pre-adipocytes and adipocytes suggests that androgens may contribute through the regulation of their receptors to the control of adipose tissue development. S-4 shows this affinity for AR receptors in adipocytes, demonstrating “fat burning effects.” S-4 also shows a decrease in LPL (lipoprotein lipase), which is an enzyme that causes lipid accumulation.
S-4 is also part of a cutting protocol to concomitantly reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle mass in a low-calorie environment.
One of the most The discouraging results of the “cutting” period is the loss of hard-to-gain muscle mass. Hormonal decline and metabolic rate (T3, IGF, testosterone, etc.) Calorie deficits are the ideal catabolic environment for muscle loss.
S4 has both anabolic and androgenic effects in muscle tissue, helping not only fat loss but maintaining or even increasing muscle mass during the “cutting” phase.
S-4 induces an increase in vascularity, contributing to improved visual muscle quality in users, with little or no water retention.
In this S-4 can be compared to Winstrol, no hair loss or side effects. on cholesterol.
Other popular steroids / prohormones used for the “Cut” phase, such as Winstrol or Epistan, can also have a marked effect on dry joints. With the S-4, there are no such effects, so the athlete can still lift heavy loads to maintain / increase muscle mass and strength.
Another benefit that S-4 offers for “cutting” is that it does not produce the painful cramps associated with other popular steroids / prohormones. This disadvantage is especially detrimental as it limits your cardio options.

S-4 Cutting Doses
The 50 mg / day protocol for 4-6 weeks is ideal for cutting purposes for most users. … However, due to side effects affecting vision, some of these doses are followed by a 5-day on and a 2-day off, in which S4 is used for 5 days, followed by a 2-day break (after which the cycle repeats).
Most users are looking for the effect of recombining fat loss and muscle gain.
One of the most important repetition factors is timing. Since you are trying to achieve multiple goals, it takes longer to notice the good effects of Recomp.
Although S-4 is taken orally because it is not methylated, it is not liver toxic like the other AAS / PH / DS. This prevents many side effects by allowing the loop to run longer than 6 weeks, enough time to get a good physical “recompile”.

A protocol of 50-75 mg / day for 4-8 weeks will give a good “Recomp” effect.
The diet should be optimized so that calories are kept slightly above the maintenance level with at least 30% of lean protein sources for the best Recomp effect.
Of course, the Recomp effect can be even greater if S-4 is used in combination with a more anabolic SARM like Ostarine .

Strength and Muscle Gains
Due to its androgenic activity in muscle tissue, S-4 is a good means of increasing strength without creating significant weight gain.
Doses above 50 mg are weak place if such benefits are pursued.
Also because of its anabolic nature, this strength gain will be accompanied by gains related to muscle mass, albeit to a lesser extent than other more anabolic SARMs. like Osstarine.
Also, like the steroid Anavar, the oral weight gain of S4 can only be of excellent quality compared to the steroids for “bulking” and muscle mass and strength gained over a cycle (for the most part) , is not lost after a cycle.
The half-life of S-4 is approximately four hours, which means that the daily dose should be divided into several doses throughout the day. Also because of this short half-life, users have found that taking one of these doses pre-workout provides better performance in the gym.

S-4 and estrogens
SARMs do not aromatize, which increases their activity against AR-receptors associated with the metabolic conversion of active androgens into estrogens.
Unlike Osstarine, with which users showed a slight increase in serum estradiol levels, S-4 did not show this increase. In fact, it has opposite effects and reduces edema and other estrogenic effects. This can be seen in the muscle-strengthening effects of S4.

Benefits of S4 vs. Steroids / Prohormones / DS

  • No prior use of substrates such as hawthorn berries is required.
  • During the cycle, there is no need to use supports such as milk thistle for the liver or substances to control cholesterol, etc.
  • Some suppression may be present at doses above 50 mg for more than 4 weeks, but a rigorous PCT procedure using prescription SERMs such as Nolvadex or Clomed bodybuilding is not required.
  • High oral bioavailability without significant liver damage as with most oral steroids / prohormones.
  • An excellent sense of well-being during use (without the aggressiveness that can often negatively affect users’ daily lives).
  • There is no need for a long time interval between one cycle and the next, the recommended time for a regular cycle “On + PCT” for a typical cycle of 6 weeks on and 4 weeks PCT would be 10 weeks after the end of the PCT.

S-4 Side Effects
While S-4 does not have the side effects listed above, it has a very specific side effect when used. At doses above 50 mg / day, many users report visiting disorders.
These are now only present with S-4 and quickly disappear when it is discontinued.
Side effects are caused by the M1 metabolite and include night blindness and a slight yellowish tinge to the eyes of some users. Although these side effects are temporary, in order to avoid the problem, as previously suggested, the protocol 5 days on and 2 off, in which S-4 is used for 5 days followed by 2 days break, better approach.


  • 1/3 of androgen in relation to testosterone in muscle tissue.
  • Anabolic doses above 50 mg / day.
  • Great for strength.
  • Great for muscle firmness.
  • Great for more vascularization.
  • Great for endurance (aerobic and anaerobic).
  • Accelerated fat loss, especially at 50 mg / day.
  • General healing effect on tissues.
  • Active life about 4 hours

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