HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

hcg-gonadotropina corionica umana HCG (Gonadotropin can be bought on this site ) is sold as a glycoprotein powder that can be diluted in water by injection intramuscularly or subcutaneously.
It acts on the human body. similar to luteinizing hormone (LH), which stimulates testosterone production by the testes, regardless of the presence of natural LH. It is therefore beneficial to maintain testosterone production and testicular size (atrophy) during a steroid cycle.

Outside of steroid cycles, it can be used to increase testosterone production, which in some cases is a limiting factor for the testes. With hCG, this limit can be overcome. HCG finds a place in hormone replacement therapy, maintaining testicular volume and stimulating the production of sperm and testosterone, in which the use of testosterone alone can cause infertility or reduce fertility as a regular function of the testicle mainly depends on the level of testosterone in the intrasticular region.
Regarding its position in In the steroid cycle, hCG does not have to be used in post-cycle therapy (pct), and must be used very precisely so as not to interfere with recovery.

The LH production cycle requires physiological levels of androgens. After a cycle, these levels are suppressed or very low, below the physiological range. With medium to long duration steroids, the decline in natural androgen levels follows a slow decline. For example, suppose halving testosterone ester is 7 days and that 800 mg per week is used in one cycle. In this case, one week after the last injection, we will receive 400 mg, and at the end of the second week – 0. This happens without the use of HCG during this period.
Usually at this point you can start with recovery using Clomid or Nolvadex .

But if HGC were used during this time, or we started at the end of the cycle, testosterone levels would be similar to those exogenously injected with testosterone, plus another 100-200 mg per week, which is more than hCG. And that will interfere with LH recovery.
The best plan if you are using HCG is to use it during your cycle to maintain testicular function, so the testes will be sensitive to LH once it is restored. its production. Maintaining testicle size and providing the extra testosterone that is produced when hCG is stimulated will also be helpful.
This last point won’t make much of a difference when using a lot of steroids per week, but it can be quite significant if the total is low.
The production of added testosterone is of particular value if the package is completely tasteless and the dosage is such that it completely suppresses natural testosterone production. In such a situation, estrogen levels drop to abnormal levels, but if hCG is present, it releases the amount of testosterone produced and maintains estradiol production by aromatizing testosterone at normal levels. The traditional dosage of hCG was 5000 IU at a time. this dose had medical uses and was in most cases administered as one weekly injection, two injections, or infrequent injections. Its half-life is several days.

This dosage is very high compared to what should be taken by bodybuilders, or as a component of hormone replacement therapy.
I recommend that 500 IU injections are generally sufficient, switching to this dosage, represented by a breakthrough towards traditional bodybuilding methods, as much higher doses were usually used. But along with experience, medical research showed what was needed, a 2005 study by Dr. Coviello was published that showed that even less was needed than the builders had anticipated.
Little or nothing was the difference in testosterone production with doses of 250 IU every other day. (eod) and 500 IU eod. Dr. Eugenio Shippen found this use useful for a wide range of clinical uses. These doses have also been found to be effective by bodybuilders.
We can assume that a dosage of 500 IU every other day or 250 IU a day represents a reasonable maximum use of hCG. At these doses, unlike As with large overdoses, hCG has no noticeable side effects.
As part of the PCT, the use of hCG in new dosages is very versatile, it can be used every day in dosages of 100 to 250 IU for maximum period of 7 days, or 500 IU every other day for 3 injections. Or during a cycle to prevent testicular atrophy and give excess endogenous testosterone, additional aromatizing suppressive cycles get the added benefit.

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